Network connection

The connection offer includes G√ČANT, LU-CIX and Internet access for eligible institutions and establishments in the field of education, research, culture, health and administration.

Point-to-point connections

This service is designed for the institutions that wish to interconnect remote sites via virtual private network (VPN). The links are realized via DWDM lambda or Ethernet VLAN.

Domain name servers (DNS)

The service includes provision of recursive, authoritative DNS servers for all domain names required by the institutions. These are eligible to a preferential tariff for the registration of domain names in .LU.

Network equipment management

A connected institution can benefit from a range of network management services, such as configuration of data communications equipment and monitoring of the connection facilities between the institution and the national backbone.

Network timing

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) service allows synchronising the clocks of all computer and network equipment. This service is available to connected institutions and individual users.

Monitoring performance

A secure Web interface allows the institution's connectivity performance to be monitored and evaluated. Service availability (www, mail, etc.) is watched and the status is notified by e-mail or SMS.

Network addresses

A pool of public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses is available for allocation to connected institutions.