Welcome to Restena

In 2000, the Restena Foundation has taken over the activities of the RESTENA project launched in 1989 to meet the communication needs of education and scientific research institutions in Luxembourg.

Computer security: understand and (re)act!

The Restena Foundation publishes a new series of publications to educate people operating in the research or education sector in Luxembourg on key thematic areas. Its first three ‘tip sheets’ ...

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Social engineering: spying before attacking

With GÉANT association and on the occasion of the European Cyber Security Month, the Restena Foundation shares some advice on the "art" of social engineering and, more specifically, the technique ...

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CyberDay.lu: cybersecurity, constant vigilance required

On 6 October 2020, the 3rd edition of CyberDay.lu, the cybersecurity event for research and education in Luxembourg, was held in Esch-Belval, where many recommendations were shared.

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Get to know us

The Restena Foundation helps to bring together telecommunication infrastructure for research and education. We provide interconnection, network and security services for a nationwide user community in the sectors of education and research, as well as culture, health and administration.

We also co-ordinate internet resources at the national level. We manage the .lu domain name registration infrastructure and most of the technical operations of the LU-CIX internet traffic exchange platform.


Domain names in 1 and 2 characters

Registering a domain name with one or two characters becomes possible.


LU-CIX backbone management

Technical management of the national internet traffic exchange node.



Ensuring effective, relevant, high-value, and competitive research and innovation activity throughout Europe.


Registry Lock

Locking and authenticating your domain name.


01.12 Participation


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28.01 Co-organisation

Data Privacy Day 2021

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