Server colocation

Host your IT servers in a completely secure manner and with optimal connectivity


Today, no company, institution or administration can do without IT servers. These powerful computers not only communicate with other servers by sending all kinds of information and software - above all, they can also execute numerous complex applications and tasks simultaneously. According to its size and requirements, an institution will have one or several servers. In the latter case, it will link them together via a dedicated network. Once everything has been configured, some or all of the servers will then be connected to the internet.

As well as a high-performance network connection with a high-quality bandwidth, such equipment also requires a dedicated space in a suitable location that is not exposed to humidity or heat, with a guaranteed uninterrupted electricity supply, high-performance fire protection, etc. So many technical constraints and investments that are very expensive to install and maintain, particularly for small institutions.  


With the server colocation service, the Restena Foundation can host dedicated servers for research, education, cultural, health and administrative institutions in Luxembourg. Consequently, each institution can use its services directly on the national research and education network infrastructure from assigned and colocated physical servers at the secure premises of the Restena Foundation.

The institutions' servers are incorporated in a modern and secure data centre (CDC) in the Belval district of Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), comprising: 

  • an uninterrupted electricity supply secured by an inverter and a set generator;
  • an air conditioning system;
  • a fire extinguishing system;
  • an anti-intrusion security system.

Standard and optional services

The Restena Foundation's colocation service includes a range of features, some basic and others optional, according to the prospective user's requirements and characteristics.

Standard services:

  • provision of rack space with 1-2 rack units per server in a shared 19-inch server rack, two 230V power points, connection to the keyboard/video/mouse switch;
  • connection of servers to the network via a 1Gbps BaseT switch, allocation of fixed official IP addresses;
  • continuous monitoring of the network infrastructure;
  • protection of the server by a firewall.

Optional services:

  • inspection and monitoring of a specific service, defined with the institution, with an email sent in the event of failure
  • daily data backup (Windows or Linux)


High-speed connection

Comprehensive infrastructure

Continuous monitoring of the network infrastructure

Server(s) hosted in Luxembourg

More details on the service

Who can benefit?

Connected Institutions, Primary, Post-Primary and Secondary Schools, Higher Education Institutions, Research Institutes, Cultural Institutions

How to benefit?

Institutions interested in this service are invited to contact the Restena Foundation to indicate their interest.

Some useful information

The Restena Foundation does not provide the following services, which therefore remain the institution's responsibility:

  • acquisition of the physical server, operating system, software, licences and accessories;
  • delivery and installation of the server in the rack;
  • installation, configuration and maintenance of the server's operating system, software and hardware;
  • maintenance contracts for hardware and software.

A contribution to the hosting fees may be payable for this service.The terms and conditions of hosting are established by an agreement. 

Assistance and support


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