Meet our team

Our team works every day to ensure the smooth running of the infrastructure we manage and to offer services aligned with the needs of our community. Most of our employees joined the Restena Foundation over a decade ago, and in some cases several decades ago.

Alain Frieden

Network Engineer

Anne Balic

Executive Assistant

Bruno Prémont

System and Development Engineer

Cédric Renzi

DevOps Engineer and Network

Christine Glaser

Communications and Marketing Manager

Claude Tompers

Network and Systems Engineer and Head of networks

Dr Cynthia Wagner

Security Manager and Chief Information Security Officer

David Rosada

Security Engineer

Denim Latic

Security analyst

Denis Otté

Network and systems engineer

Gaël Ortega

Security Engineer

Gilles Massen


Dr Guillaume-Jean Herbiet

Systems Engineer and .lu Service Technical Manager

Irène Lalioti

Network Engineer

Isidore Moreno

Network and systems engineer

Jo Hoffmann

Network Engineer

Jorge Carvalho

Network engineer

Julien Franck

Head of administration and finance

Marc Stiefer

Security and Systems Engineer

Mnémosyne Steuer


Noro Randrianoelina


Pierre-Yves Goubet

System engineer

Stefan Winter

Research Engineer and Chief Technology Officer