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Individually or professionally, many of us have one or more computers, tablets and/or smartphones that we use to read, manage and send e-mails. As such, they represent the same number of different connection points to a single e-mail.

Traditionally, this connection is established via a mail client – such as Thunderbird, Outlook or AppleMail – previously installed on each device. While these clients can be difficult to install, update and have significant storage weight, webmail only requires an internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge). Webmail makes it possible to access your e-mail from any device connected to the internet and without technical knowledge, representing a good addition to, or even a replacement for an e-mail client.


As a host of e-mail services for interested connected institutions, the Restena Foundation provides institutions in the research, education, culture, health and administration sectors with webmail to offer users full access to their e-mail via a standard browser from any computer connected to the internet.

The Restena Foundation has set up a user-friendly and secure interface, fully configured and that meets the current IT security requirements, allowing its users to read and send their e-mails with ease.


Secure and flexible access 

Access from any computer workstation connected to the RESTENA network / internet

More details on the service

Who can benefit?

Connected Institutions, Higher Education Institutions, Research Institutes, Cultural Institutions, Primary and Secondary Schools, Individual Users of RESTENA Services

How to benefit?

To benefit from this service, the user must have an e-mail account managed by the Restena Foundation.

Some useful information

No pre-configuration is necessary; simply go to the address and enter your username and password

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  • How can I get rid of *****SPAM***** messages?

    1. Go to the RESTENA User Portal, which contains all of the tools for managing your online account.
    2. Once you’re logged into your profile, select the ‘Change e-mail protection’ section
    3. In this section you can choose to activate (or deactivate) the function that suits you best
    • Redirect to Inbox (default)
    • Automatic moving to a ‘Junk/Spam’ folder (recommended)
    • Direct deletion before downloading

    Warning: The automatic direct deletion of messages marked as *****SPAM***** before downloading them to the electronic mailbox involves a certain risk of incorrectly identified mail loss.


  • How can I change my password?

    1. Go to the RESTENA User Portal, which contains all of the tools for managing your online account.
    2. Once you’re logged into your profile, select the ‘Change password’ section
    3. Enter your new password in the ‘New password’ field
    4. To confirm your new password, enter it again in the ‘Confirm new password’ field
    5. Then click on ‘Change’


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