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Raising awareness and developing knowledge on computer security issues


As part of its CSIRT service, the Restena Foundation aims to raise awareness and develop stakeholders' knowledge in education, research, and culture concerning issues related to computer security. It is therefore organising meetings and seminars in addition to distributing articles, best practices, and advice about the precautions that should be taken in these matters.



In October and January of every year, the Restena Foundation co-organises, together with the University of Luxembourg, two awareness-raising and best practices events: and Data Privacy Day respectively held around Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg and on European Data Protection Day.

While the first event deals with threats that currently exist in the cybersecurity world, the second one places great emphasis on data confidentiality and protection on a European and international level. These two events are organised at the Belval Campus of the University of Luxembourg and bring together national experts working in different areas.

Especially dedicated to the research and educational community in Luxembourg, they are nonetheless open to everyone and have always been free of charge in order to encourage the widest possible participation and to raise awareness.


Thanks to training activities, the Restena Foundation engages with institutions of the research and education community in Luxembourg for the benefit of their employees and students.

The Restena-CSIRT organises on-demand phishing campaigns combined with awareness-raising sessions for end-users. With these campaigns, institutions can actively raise phishing awareness among their staff and/or students and test their reaction to such a threat.

On a more confidential basis, Restena employees give talks in secondary and higher education classes to raise students' awareness of key cybersecurity topics in line with current issues and their training needs.

Restena also provides on-demand technical training for professional training courses, including the Digital Learning Hub. Restena provides training on best practices in IT and security, such as multi-factor authentication, Ansible, IPv6, incident management, etc.

Educational resources

The Restena Foundation publishes tip sheets on IT security issues, including what to do in the event of a cyber-attack, the importance of having a strong password, the growing and pervasive phenomenon of spam and phishing messages and social engineering. The tip sheets, available in French and English, can be downloaded or printed on request.

Restena is also involved in awareness-raising activities organised at European level by the European association GÉANT and its members. From awareness-raising posters and videos to testimonials, these materials are provided to the research and education community in Luxembourg.


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