General conditions

General conditions for using the Restena Foundation services 

The use of the resources and services offered by the RESTENA network is limited to the community of education, research, culture, health and administration.

Users of the RESTENA network undertake to ensure: 

  • use for strictly professional purposes in accordance with the aims of the RESTENA network: teaching, research, transfer of technology, spread of scientific, technical and cultural information, experimentation with new services of an innovative technical or educational nature; 
  • sensible use of the resources of the RESTENA network in order to avoid any excessive consumption of these resources; 
  • honest use of the resources of the RESTENA network by preventing and refraining from any malicious use intended to disrupt or damage the RESTENA network.

A user can be held liable for any damage caused to the Restena Foundation or to third parties as a result of using the services offered.

The user declares that he or she agrees to co-operate with the Restena Foundation in detecting incidents of unacceptable use or damage caused.

The user of the the Restena Foundation services agrees that his or her personal data can be published in an electronic directory managed by the Restena Foundation.

Connected institutions undertake not to grant commercial or non-commercial access, paid or unpaid, to the RESTENA network to unauthorised third parties without the express prior agreement of the Restena Foundation.

Use within the context of a research project conducted in collaboration with a commercial institution may be granted for a limited period of time and is subject to periodical review.

The Restena Foundation undertakes to provide a good quality service, within the limits of its personal and financial resources. This undertaking is limited to breakdowns and disruption of services which affect the network equipment and servers installed on its premises.

The Restena Foundation declines any liability and any damage, direct or indirect, caused to users or institutions in relation to a service offered by the RESTENA network.

The Restena Foundation reserves the right to change the general conditions in force at any time.