TCS certificate service

Challenges and features

With the spread of spam, phishing, and identity theft, the security of digital communication channels and related equipment has become essential. Adequate protection from such threats is available to everyone with digital certificates. Luxembourg's research and education community is committed to countering these threats and the Restena Foundation offers protection through different types of digital certificates. 

As part of its TCS certificate service, the Restena Foundation offers users, individuals, as well as institutions, 4 types of certificates for most common software (web browsers, e-mail clients, smartphones, etc)

Certificates for individuals

Any individual working in one of the establishments connected to the RESTENA network may use client certificates for natural (person certificates). These certificates allow them, for example, to be authenticated for a service, to digitally sign documents and messages, and also to exchange information securely online.

Certificates for institutions

Server certificates (SSL/TLS)

Certificates allowing the institution to be authenticated as the owner of its server(s), ensuring the confidentiality and security of electronic exchanges in every communication between their server(s) and external server(s) or web browsers. Visual indicators in the navigation bar, such as a padlock symbol and "https", confirm to the user that their browsing session is secure

Signature certificates for items/code

Certificates allowing the institution to sign its own software and applications and authenticating them as their author

Signature certificates for documents

Certificates allowing the institution to authenticate documents and to be identified as its author. This digital signature is the equivalent of a similar conventional agreement signed by hand.


The TCS service offered by the Restena Foundation is based on a contract between the GÉANT organisation managing the pan-European research network and the American certification authority DigiCert for the benefit of research networks (NREN). As an NREN, the Restena Foundation provides, on request, electronic certificate services to all of the connected establishments as well as to their individual users.

How to benefit?

I represent an institution and I would like to obtain certificates on its behalf:

Certificate requests are submitted on the DigiCert portal.

Important: an existing subscription to the TCS service via the Restena Foundation is required

  1. Fill in the "Trusted Certificate Service" (TCS) subscription form setting out the terms and conditions of use providing your organisation's official name, the list of authorised persons validating and revoking certificate requests (administrators), not forgetting to agree to the terms and conditions of the "TCS Model Subscriber Agreement".
  2. Send all of this documentation to the Restena Foundation (link on the Contact Page), which will then process and validate your request, then open a section for your organisation on the DigiCert–CertCentral portal. (Recommendation: At the same time, we recommend that you check, in your domain names, that your administrative contacts registered for your servers are up to date and, if not, to update them in order for DigiCert to validate your eligibility)
  3. Once this step has been completed, the person listed as the "Administrative Contact 1" in the TCS service subscription form will receive an e-mail from DigiCert inviting them to complete the institutional profile and, in particular, set a password. 
  4. Once the account is set up, you can connect to it on the DigiCert portal

I am an individual user and I would like to obtain a client certificate:

  1. Get connected on the RESTENA DigiCert portal:
  2. In the relevant field, type the identity provider: RESTENA Users, then confirm this by clicking on 'Start single sign-on'.
  3. You will then directly access the single sign-on authentication page entitled 'GÉANT Trusted Certificate Service (TCS)' where you will be invited to identify yourself by entering your RESTENA ID and password.
  4. After clicking on "Identify yourself", you will access the DigiCert certificate request page. Select the PREMIUM product in the dedicated list (the only available product at this time) as well as the validity period (between 1 and 3 years) then click on 'Request Certificate'.
  5. Your confirmed request will then be submitted for DigiCert's consideration and approval.
  6. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail from DigiCert ( entitled "Create Your DigiCert Premium Certificate" with a link allowing you to download your personal certificate 

More details on the service

Who can benefit?

Higher, Secondary, and Primary Educational Establishments, Special Education, Vocational and Adult Training Centres, Research Institutes, Cultural Institutes, Museums, Ministries

Assistance and support

In the event of any issues please consult DigiCert's user guide or contact our helpdesk.


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