Performance monitoring

Monitor the operation of network equipment


With computer equipment operating on a network, any malfunction on this central node can be detrimental. To ensure maximum efficiency and functionality and consequently the quality of the services offered to its external or internal clients, the network must be the focus of attention.

Close monitoring of the functionality of servers, applications and even network equipment is critical to detect problems as soon as possible and respond as quickly as possible, thus minimising the impact on your activities.


The Restena Foundation offers a secure web interface through which any institution using its services can monitor and evaluate the performance of the connection specific to its institution. It can check the availability of services offered by the Restena Foundation, such as the connection to the RESTENA network, and e-mail addresses.

The availability of services is not only monitored but there is also the option to receive notification by e-mail or SMS to any institution wishing to benefit from this service. This allows users, generally the IT departments of the institutions connected to the Restena network, to receive real-time warnings of problems that may occur across their networks.

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Who can benefit?

Connected Institutions, Higher Education Institutions, Research Centres, Cultural Institutions, Primary and Secondary Schools