The national infrastructure interconnecting all the points of presence at a transfer rate of one or 10 Gigabit/s allows institutions for education, research and culture connected to one of the Gigabit points of presence to benefit from a very high bandwidth national network.

ipv6_ready Réseau national

The topology of the current backbone network includes 12 points of presence (POP).


  • POP RESTENA (Luxembourg-Kirchberg)
  • POP BCE (Luxembourg-Kirchberg)
  • POP Limpertsberg (Luxembourg-Limpertsberg)
  • POP Université Campus Limpertsberg (Luxembourg-Limpertsberg)
  • POP Campus Geesseknaeppchen (Luxembourg-Hollerich)
  • POP Centre-Ville (Luxembourg-Centre)
  • POP CCRN (Luxembourg-Centre)
  • POP Rollingergrund (Luxembourg-Rollingergrund)
  • POP Université Campus Walferdange (Walferdange)


  • POP Diekirch
  • POP Ettelbruck


  • POP Bettembourg
  • POP Esch-sur-Alzette

The national network is mainly an interconnection of campus-type networks at a rate of 1 to 10 Gigabit/s based on optical multiplexing technologies.

Currently, over 50 100Mbit/s and Gigabit/s connections are operational in the City of Luxembourg mainly on the Geesseknaeppchen Campus and in the Limpertsberg area, and in the cities of Diekirch, Ettelbruck and Esch/Alzette.