RESTENA eduroam access - Setup Instructions (Mac OS X 10.5)

  1. When you are in vicinity of an eduroam network, it will be listed in the Airport network list. Click on the entry "eduroam":
  2. You will be prompted for your username and password. As username, enter your RESTENA mail address. The password is your RESTENA password.
    Be sure that the dropdown list "802.1X" is set to "Automatic" and that "Remember this network" is checked. When you are done, click "OK".
  3. Since you connect for the first time, Mac OS will show you RESTENA's server certificate for validation. The following dialog box will appear. Select "Show certificate".
  4. The verification needs to be done only once. It is in your own interest to verify the certificate thoroughly, to make sure that you are connected to a genuine eduroam network. The server name is "" as can be seen in the following screenshot. When you are done verifying the certificate, check the box "Always trust ..."
  5. Now click on the entry "RESTENA Services CA", expand the details and scroll to the bottom. You can install the root CA 'RESTENA Services CA' into your keychain via this web page: RESTENA Services CA. Alternatively, verify the SHA-1 fingerprint of the root CA certificate. It is EB F2 CD 84 D2 CD 3D 84 C3 D8 E1 CB F0 99 66 4D D3 25 D4 67. When you are done verifying the certificate, click "Continue".
  6. You need to enter your Mac username and password to import the certificates. This is your local user name on the Mac, not your eduroam login name.
  7. Finally, enter your eduroam login and username again. Remember: this is your RESTENA mail address. The password is your RESTENA password.

You are then connected to eduroam. If you want to set up eduroam for additional network names like the alternative SSID "eduroam-school", the process is simpler: in step 2, there will be an existing entry in the 802.1X dropwdown box: "WPA:eduroam". Selecting this existing profile will skip all the steps after step 2.

Note: Your identity (email address) is not concealed from the hotspot with this configuration. Your e-mail address will be known to the hotspot operator when you connect.