Trusted Certificate Service – TCS

The certificate service TCS

This service provides certificates for most common software (browser, mail clients, smartphones,...).

This offer includes:

- server certificates (SSL)

- client certificates

- object/code signing certificates

- document signing certificates

The TCS service is based on the contract between GÉANT and Digicert for the profit of national research and education networks (NRENs), like RESTENA.


All organisations of the research and education community as well as non-profit organisations serviced by the RESTENA Foundation may introduce a subscription demand for TCS.

Subscribe to TCS

The organisation has to fulfill the requirements and sign the subscription form including the terms of use.

TCS Subscription form (including terms of use): TCS form

This subscription form includes:

- the official name of the requesting organisation

- the list with the authorised contacts, called administrators, for the validation of certificate demands and revocation

- the terms of use to be signed: Terms of use

The RESTENA Foundation validates the subscription demand. Depending on the organisation, a manual verification needs to be done, for example by checking the ID of the subscriber.

Getting started with TCS

In a first step check if the contacts in the "whois" database are still valid. For modifying this information, you can check the domain related documents for domain names managed by the RESTENA Foundation. After subscribing to the service and the validiation of your eligibility, one of our employees will open a new division on the DigiCert-CertCentral portal for your organisation. To complete your profile an email by DigiCert will transmitted. The first administrator will get an email to set up the account and define a password. Once your account is completed and the password set, you can connect to the DigiCert portal.

Questions and problems

In case of problems or questions, please refer to the user manual of DigiCert (DigiCert user guide ) or contact our helpdesk.