Value added account

Users have a professional e-mail account, providing consistent e-mail addresses, facilities to check e-mail from any computer connected to the network, virus and spam protection, and encryption for secure e-mail transfers, user support and help.


The Webmail interface allows individual users to read their e-mail messages directly on the web, in a user-friendly, secure environment.

Spam and/or Virus protection

The spam and/or virus protection facilities include a filtering system that protects users' mailboxes against incoming spam and viruses. The system can detect and mark spam messages. Attachments to incoming e-mail messages are also analysed.


The directory contains the e-mail addresses of individual users with an electronic mail account with the RESTENA Foundation. A contact can be found from the directory by searching first names or surnames.


On-line e-mail account management

A simple, comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for managing centralised e-mail accounts on line is proposed to t he institution's administrative department. It allows to create, modify, delete or redirect addresses via a web interface.

Central Spam and Virus protection

The centralised spam/virus protection facility is based on an e-mail server that operates as a relay between the outside world (Internet) and the institution's own mail-server. This gateway thus guarantees protection for the institution's internal e-mail service.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists can be set up and managed. A mailing list allows members of a working group, or people sharing an interest to exchange information and ideas via e-mail.