E-mail services generally block voluminous attachments. So how to send a big file to a recipient ? The general solution consists in using a temporary hosting service and to send the link via e-mail.

RESTENA Filesender is a platform for sending big files in a sercured way. The service has been developed by a consortium of research networks ( having in mind the special requirements of the educational and research community.

The working priniciple consists in uploading a file to a dedicated server and to indicate the recipient's e-mail address. An e-mail message containing a customized link pointing to the file to download, is sent. Every 'download invitation' is valid for 10 days. After expiry, the file will be automatically deleted from the server.


A file can of course be sent to multiple addressees at once. At any time, a user can check the list of his files stored on the server, resend an invitation, redirect an invitation or delete a file immediately.

Filesender access is generally reserved to users with RESTENA access. Sending files to third-party people is always possible but not directly the other way round. Nevertheless, the creation of a voucher sent to non-RESTENA users allows them to follow the same procedure, but only once.


Filesender does not fix a maximum file size if you are using a recent web browser.

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