The Cloud offer - Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service, short IaaS, is a cloud computing solution that enables access to high performance computing resources in a virtualized environment.

An organisation can refer to RESTENA-IaaS for example when it has to punctually adapt its computing resources in the framework of a short term project, accelerate deployment works (f.ex. hosting a website) or if it wants to focus on its user needs and not on technical end resources (f.ex. in practical school exercises).

RESTENA, as a member within the GÉANT project, can benefit from a special EU-tendered framework agreement between GÉANT and different IaaS providers to offer priviledged access to these services, which gain more and more interest within the research and education community.

2 types of subscription

CUMULUS: Targeted at organisms which have very specific or high capacity IaaS needs. A direct contract is drawn between the organisation and the service provider in application of the framework with GÉANT and RESTENA. All service providers selected by the agreed framework for Luxembourg as well as their services are available by now, without need to recall to public market, and having a contractually set base for data protection.

STRATUS (beta): to accomodate small or time-limited project needs, RESTENA introduced the access to a set of IaaS services with aim for example to offer didactical tools or to offer the possibility to perform feasibility tests before launching larger projects. The aim of this offer is to provide an environment to familiarize with IaaS technologies, which gain more and more importance in the IT world - either for IT services or students.

Beyond these advantages for the beneficiaries, it is also important to RESTENA to benefit from the experiences and feed-back from the community in order to adjust the offer and to progress in this service, initially limited in time and extend, to a state-of-the-art service for the education and research community. At the launch of the cloud service, only the CloudSigma provider will be available, but soon the ATEA (Microsoft Azure platform) provider will also be aboard.

Eligible project examples on highschool level can be, practical works or projects, technology exercises,...Please note that this service a-priori is at no cost for participants, and aims not to be used as real production services.

For mid-sized production project, which do not apply for the CUMULUS services, please contact our technical cloud team to check with you for the most appropriate solution.

The IaaS partners


Subscription to IaaS

For more information or for subscribing, please contact our technical cloud team at

Cloud Framework User Testimonial

The Lycée des Arts et Métiers Luxembourg (LAM) is the first secondary school to refer to a cloud provider from RESTENA in the framework of the GÉANT cloud services for teaching activities. Read the full story