New prices for .lu operations


Operations on .lu domain names, managed by the Restena Foundation as part of its .lu registry activity and offered for sale to the public via its accredited registrar, among other registrars, are changing on 1 March 2024.

After 14 years without any evolution in prices for operations related to administering .lu domain names, new fees go into effect on 1 March 2024. With this increase, the Restena Foundation, acting as the registry for domain names with the national extension .lu, intends to reduce the impact of the increasing cost base and ensure the stability and smooth operation of the .lu domain.

All registrars accredited to offer .lu domain names are impacted by this evolution. The registration, renewal fees as well as reinstating a domain name in redemption are impacted. The fees for an unsuccessful transfer of management to another registrar and an unsuccessful trade (change of ownership) remain the same.

The Restena Foundation is passing on this evolution to the rate applied in its role as a .lu registrar. Customers of the classic management (using paper forms) and those of the online management (using my.lu/online platform) are now paying a few additional euros to register, renew, trade, transfer and restore a domain name.