Increased resonance for cybersecurity training with DLH


The Restena Foundation extends its awareness-raising activities beyond traditional education curricula by training Digital Learning Hub students in multi-factor authentication and securing DNS infrastructure with DNSSEC.

On 16 May 2022, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth launched the Digital Learning Hub (DLH), a new continuing professional education structure. Responding to Luxembourg's growing need for digital skills, the DLH is located in Esch-Belval district, in the Terres rouges building, only a few dozen metres from the Restena Foundation’s premises. Already regularly participating in both BTS cloud computing and BTS cybersecurity of the Lycée Guillaume Kroll (LGK), the Restena Foundation is joining forces with the DLH as part of the 'Cyber security' training pillar. 

Thanks to the DLH's innovative teaching methods, based on collaboration and games, and to its offer aimed at small groups of students of all ages and levels of knowledge, Restena is extending its scope of intervention outside the traditional higher education curriculum. 

Protecting your systems and networks with multi-factor authentication and DNS security

Among summer 2022 13 cybersecurity training courses, all designed to train people in the risks and good practices associated with protecting computer systems and networks, Restena's external experts run two courses. Open to anyone of adult age, resident or not, a certificate of participation will be issued by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

Secure DNS infrastructure with DNSSEC

28/06/2022 I 09:00 – 17:00

What for? A hands-on technical workshop where learners acquire a practical experience of what DNSSEC is and how it works so to be able to implement DNSSEC themselves onto their DNS infrastructure.

Who is concerned? Professionals with previous DNS experience or responsible for the DNS service looking to acquire knowledge to implement DNSSEC in their organisation.

Instructor: Dr Guillaume-Jean Herbiet, systems engineer and .lu service technical manager

Language: English

Multi-factor Authentication

29/06/2022 I 10:00 – 13:00

What for?  A hands-on training where participants learn how multi-factor authentication works and how they can secure their account by adding an additional factor.

Who is concerned? Beginners and learners with basic knowledge 

Instructor: Stefan Winter, research engineer and Chief Technology Officer

Language: English

Increasing awareness about cybersecurity

Through these activities, the Restena Foundation reinforces its commitment to the member institutions of the research and education community in Luxembourg. It completes its training offer through which it organises on-demand phishing campaigns (including awareness sessions for end-users) and takes part in higher education classes to raise students' awareness about key cybersecurity topics. The Guillaume Kroll high school and its BTS courses, as well as the Ste Sophie high school and its educational day organised in February 2022, benefit from Restena's expertise.

More broadly, Restena is expanding its ‘raising awareness’ service, which includes, in addition to training courses, two awareness-raising and best practices events (CyberDay.lu and Data Privacy Day) and the publication of various teaching aids, including tip sheets on the issues and problems of computer security.