DNS servers: DNSSEC also for my.lu users


The Restena Foundation has adapted its DNS server service to extend its use beyond the sole benefit of research and education institutions. All .lu domain name holders using its registrar activity can too now benefit from authoritative name servers enabling DNSSEC.

As part of its .lu domain name registrar activity, the Restena Foundation offers its 'DNS servers' service to its domain name holders, enabling them to use their .lu domain name reliably and with total peace of mind by using authoritative servers that benefit from DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) technology. A missing link between the registration and the use of a domain name is now filled, as it is no longer mandatory for people using the Restena Foundation's registrar to use an intermediary (such as their web host or agency) or to manage their DNS servers on their own. 

A new option under my.lu

As the manager of the national research and education network, Restena only offered this service to institutions in these sectors, until recently. Building on this experience and in order to expand its offer, it has set up a new infrastructure for the general public, independent of that available for research and education. To benefit from this, users of its my.lu online registration platform now have a third option 'Active, Hosted Zone' which, upon activation, will automatically protect the associated domain thanks to DNSSEC (by generating new cryptographic keys or by using those given during activation).

With this new option, all the information hosted by Restena are automatically authenticated once the domain has been registered using cryptographic keys that are renewed by Restena. There is no additional cost for domain name holders, who are thus protected as effectively as possible from attacks that aim to misappropriate a domain name or associated services.

For a widespread adoption of DNSSEC

DNSSEC technology integrates each domain into a chain of trust within the tree view of the naming system on the internet. Its adoption is essential to guarantee optimal security for all .lu domain names. 

Restena, which is proactively involved in the DNSSEC application, also manages the national registry of .lu domain names (via its DNS-LU service). It has been protecting the .lu root zone since 2011 using this technology and intends to encourage its adoption by all registrars accredited to market .lu and make it easily accessible to as many users as possible.