Modernized management of .lu domain names


Since mid-September 2019, the RESTENA Foundation has been offering its users a modernized version of its .lu domain name management platform and its payment interface.

In Luxembourg, the management of .lu domain names is entrusted to the RESTENA Foundation within the framework of DNS-Luxembourg (DNS-LU). Responsible for both the registration and the publication of domain names at the national level, the RESTENA Foundation also offers the possibility to individuals and businesses to directly manage their .lu domains names on the my.lu platform.

A mobile version

Since 16 September 2019, my.lu has been upgraded. The platform has been expanded with new features and is now available in mobile version. The navigation has also been redesigned to facilitate the use experience: simpler forms, an improve sorting of information as well as the development of cross-links between the various data available in the account.  

Secure payment

This necessary modernization takes place at the same time as the update of the online payment interface. Saferpay, the operator processing credit card payment, guaranteeing a secure transaction, adapts the payment validation to new European regulations. The latest European criteria set out by the European Payment Services Directive (PSD 2) concerning the payment services in the European Union are thus integrated on my.lu. Each user now has to, according to his bank, perform new and / or additional verification operations before payment.

This evolution also applies to individuals and institutions that have opted for the management of their domain names using forms (so-called classic registration). Their dedicated online payment address not only includes the latest version of SaferPay, but is also available in mobile version.

In the coming month, my.lu will offer new services to its users. Thanks to servers managed by the RESTENA Foundation, they will be able to configure – from the platform - and to quickly exploit their domain name either for the Web or for the email.

>> For any additional information on my.lu upgrade, we invite you to contact the RESTENA Foundation

Fondation Restena

E-mail: domreg@dns.lu