Cloud for Research & Education 2.0


Two days to discover the new scope of cloud - infrastructure as a service (Iaas) service provided by Restena to the research and education community.

What is the event for?

Discover the catalogue of Cloud IaaS platforms and providers accessible to the Luxembourg research and education community since early 2021 – and till 2024 – thanks to individual presentation sessions.

No less than 13 platforms, with services broadened from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to the purchase of Software as a Service (SaaS), are now accessible to the Luxembourg community thanks to a framework agreement concluded with the GÉANT association as part of the European Open Clouds for Research Environments (OCRE) project 

What is the programme?

The event will be held on Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 May 2021.

  • We highly recommend you to take part in the Introduction session planned on the first day to have generic information on the related 'Cloud - infrastructure as a service' service offered by Restena.
  • You can attend all the presentation sessions, or pick up only those to which you are interested in.

Day 1 – Monday 10 May 2021

10.00a.m.-10.30a.m.Introduction session by Gilles Massen, Director and Stefan Winter, Research engineer, Restena Foundation
→ Watch the recorded session (31:15)
10.45a.m.-11.15a.m.AZURE platform by Katharina Schmietow, Sales Development Europe, Bechtle AG
Topic: Start with 5 Minute company introduction and afterwards a 15 minute description of the provided platform by one of our technical specialists.
→ Watch the recorded session (28:42)
11.30a.m.-12.00a.m.Setcor Cloud platform by Tomislav Pojatina, Business Development Manager, Setcor Cloud
Topic: Introduction to Setcor and Setcor cloud
→ Watch the recorded session (18:54)
2.00p.m.-2.30p.m.Creodias platform by Jerzy Konarski, Business Development Specialist, CloudFerro
→ Watch the recorded session (25:16)
2.45p.m.-3.15p.m.CloudSigma platform by Velizar Natovski, Account Executive, CloudSigma AG 
→ Watch the recorded session (23:35)
3.30p.m.-4.00p.m.Exoscale  platform by Aarno Aukia, CTO, VSHN - The DevOps Company
Topic: From cloud infrastructure to actually getting applications running using free and open-source software. In this workshop, we’ll show you how todeploy an application using Containers, Kubernetes and Gitlab, all free tools helping you not to have to manage infrastructure manually
→ Watch the recorded session (32:04)

Day 2 – Tuesday 11 May 2021

10.00a.m.-10.30a.m.Safespring platform by Johan Harrysson, CCO, Safespring
Topic: Introduction of Safespring cloud service that is used by the research & education community in Sweden and Norway.
→ Watch the recorded session (15:31)
10.45a.m.-11.15a.m.Open Telekom Cloud platform by Jurry de la Mar, Account Director, T-Systems International GmbH
→ Cancelled session, more information on T-Systems International YouTube channel 'Open Telekom Clouds Tutorials'
11.30a.m.-12.00a.m.Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace by Itlaliano Federico, Account Manager - Ocre Framework, Telecom Italia Sparkle
Topic: Google Cloud platform and use-cases for the Education seco
→ Watch the recorded session (28:49)
2.00p.m.-2.30p.m.IONOS platform by Katharina Schmietow, Sales Development Europe, Bechtle AG
Topic: Start with 5 Minute company introduction and afterwards a 15 minute description of the provided platform by one of our technical specialists.
→ Watch the recorded session (28:13)
2.45p.m.-3.15p.m.Amazon AWS by Jonathan Jeuken, Enterprise Client Executive, Rackspace Technology and Caroline Decalf, Public Sector Account Manager, Amazon Web Services
→ Watch the recorded session (26:26)
3.30p.m.-4.00p.m.Flexible Engine platform by Stéphane Theys, Aliance & Partner Development, Eric Prunier, Technical Presales, Efrain Garcia, Cloud Partner and Jean-Sebastien Beneyron, Sales Manager, Orange Group (Orange Luxembourg, Orange Belgium and Orange Cloud for Business)
→ Watch the recorded session (23:29)

Who is concerned?

The event is open to institutions (public or private) based in Luxembourg operating in the sectors of education, research and culture, namely:

  • schools offering primary, secondary and post-secondary education;
  • higher education institutions;
  • research centres;
  • libraries and museums;
  • government bodies.

How to subscribe?

A pre-registration is required to participate to the event. Please send an email to communication@restena.lu to confirm your interest.

Event résumé

Presentation files:

Recorded presentation sessions:

Introduction session by the Restena Foundation

Session 01 - AZURE platform by Bechtle AG
Session 02 - Setcor Cloud platform by Setcor Cloud
Session 03 - Creodias platform by CloudFerro
Session 04 - CloudSigma platform by CloudSigma AG
Session 05 - Exoscale platform by VSHN - The DevOps Company
Session 06 - Safespring platform by Safespring
Session 07 - Google Cloud platform by Telecom Italia Sparkle and Google

Session 08 - IONOS platform by Bechtle AG and Ionos
Session 09 - Amazon AWS platform by Rackspace Technology and Amazon Web Services
Session 10 - Flexible Engine platform by Orange Group

Other information: