Configure your server for the public DNS resolver

The public DNS resolver must be manually configured either at the system level (for DNS-over-TLS) or at the browser level (for DNS-over-HTTPS) according to the following information: 

  • Server name:
  • IPv4 address:
  • IPv6 address: 2001:a18:1::29
  • Port (DNS-over-TLS): 853
  • SPKI pin (DNS-over-TLS): aC/vKm0neSr3uDucVsYO62RPZ4ETWjoI0Gw8uWjGdLg=
  • Query URL (DNS-over-HTTPS):

To get and install a DNS over TLS (DoT) / DNS over HTTPS (DoH) client, visit the "DNS Privacy Clients" page of the DNS Privacy project website.