RESTENA eduroam access - Setup Instructions (Windows Mobile 6.5)

To install eduroam on a Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, Please follow the instructions below:

  1. When you are online with another internet connection (for example 3G), visit this page with your Windows phone and touch the following link:
    RESTENA Services CA in P12 format
  2. Push the Windows key button on your smartphone, choose:
    Menu -> All Settings,
    Connections -> WiFi,
    Adaptor and Networks.
    Nb: This howto has been created with a HTC HD Mini smartphone. If you have another model, the way to get to this might be different. From this point on, the configuration should be the same for any Windows Mobile 6.5 model.
  3. Choose eduroam and click Menu.
  4. Configure like this:
    Network name: eduroam
    Connects to: The Internet
    Click Next
  5. Configure like this:
    Authentication: WPA2
    Data Encryption: AES
    Click Next
  6. Configure like this:
    EAP type: PEAP
    Click Finish
  7. Windows Mobile should now try to connect to eduroam. It will then ask your personal credentials:
    User name: your RESTENA e-mail address (i.e.
    Password: your RESTENA password
  8. Click OK
eduroam is now configured, your Windows smartphone will use this profile when you are in the vicinity of an eduroam network.