VPN (Virtual Privat Network) is a technology to connect to a remote network in a secure way. This service is available to all RESTENA users outside the network wanting to connect to service available only on the intranet or to external services normally reserved to the RESTENA network (i.e. Fichier élève application).

VPN usage is accessible only to RESTENA users and needs a RESTENA account (username + password). To open a RESTENA VPN connection, please use your RESTENA username. The IAM username is not valid!

Installation and configuration of a VPN connection


Install and use the VPN connection only:

  • if you need to connect in a secure way to Intranet services Intranet from RESTENA or MENFP (i.e. fichier élèves or scolaria)
  • if you are connected to an Internet service provider other than RESTENA (i.e. P&T Luxembourg)
  • if you already have a RESTENA account (username + password)

Linux with Network-Manager

Define VPN connection with RESTENA

This howto has been realised under Linux Ubuntu with GNOME as graphical user interface. Principally, it can use as base for setting up any Linux distribution that uses Network-Manager, independant of the graphical user interface (GNOME, KDE, ...).

First of all, you need the certificat of the VPN service. You can download it here. Extract the certificate and save it in an easily accessible place where it does not risk to get deleted.


Open your package manager, Synaptic in our case, and install the strongswan-nm package. Please note the the package name can slightly differ between different Linux distributions. Close the package manager.


On the top right of your screen, click the network-manager icon (two opposed arrows), choose VPN Connections, then Configure VPN.


In the opening window, choose the VPN tab and click Add.


Choose IPsec/IKEv2 (strongswan) and click Create.


Fill in the fields in this window as follows : Connection name : Education (or any other distinctif name you like)
Address :
Certificate : Choose the certificate you just downloaded on this page
Authentication : EAP
Username : Your RESTENA username
Under Options, check the case Request an inner IP address
Click Apply.


Verify that the connection has been created, then click Close.

Establish a VPN connection with RESTENA


Again, click the Network-Manager icon on the top-right of your screen, choose VPN Connections, then choose the name of the VPN connection (Education in our case) that appears now.


In the now opening window, type your RESTENA password.
You may as well choose how you computer saves your password.


To close the VPN connection, click again the Network-Manager icon, choose VPN Connections, then choose Disconnect VPN.


Don't forget to disconnect the VPN as soon as you don't need the Intranet services of RESTENA or MENFP anymore!