VPN (Virtual Privat Network) is a technology to connect to a remote network in a secure way. This service is available to all RESTENA users outside the network wanting to connect to service available only on the intranet or to external services normally reserved to the RESTENA network (i.e. Fichier élève application).

VPN usage is accessible only to RESTENA users and needs a RESTENA account (username + password). To open a RESTENA VPN connection, please use your RESTENA username. The IAM username is not valid!

Installation and configuration of a VPN connection


Install and use the VPN connection only:

  • if you need to connect in a secure way to Intranet services Intranet from RESTENA or MENFP (i.e. fichier élèves or scolaria)
  • if you are connected to an Internet service provider other than RESTENA (i.e. P&T Luxembourg)
  • if you already have a RESTENA account (username + password)

Install the strongswan client

First, download and install the vpn client strongswan, accessible in the Play Store.

Install the services root certificate

You need to be able to authenticate the VPN server, therefore install its root certificate. With your Android device, open your web browser and go to


The system asks you to give the downloaded certificate a name. Enter RESTENA VPN CA.

Configuration of the strongswan client

Open the strongswan VPN client and click on ADD VPN PROFILE in the top right corner.


In the now visible window, enter the values as described in the screenshot below. In the field Username: enter your RESTENA username, in the field Password: enter your RESTENA password.

Note: You can leave the Password: field empty, you will then be prompted for your password on each connection.

Under CA certificate, unselect the field Select automatically and click on Select CA certificate below. android3

On top of this page, click on USER and select the certificate called Fondation RESTENA / RESTENA VPN CA.


In the top right corner of the previous screen, click on save. (cf. screenshot 3)

Using the VPN service

To use the VPN service, simply click on RESTENA VPN. You can now go back to your home screen and continue to use your Android device normally.

To disconnect, open the strongswan VPN client again and click on Disconnect.



Don't forget to disconnect the VPN as soon as you don't need the Intranet services of RESTENA or MENFP anymore!