The RESTENA network is open to the following institutions:

  • public and private primary, secondary and further education institutions
  • public and private research centres
  • libraries and museums
  • hospitals
  • public administrations
  • international organisations
  • "start-up" enterprises located on a technology transfer campus

Services offered

Connected institutions are offered the following network administration and management services:

  • allocation of official IPv4 and IPv6 addressing space which can be grouped together according to requirements
  • hosting of E-mail, WWW, Video, and Audio servers
  • registration of the field including the annual costs of the domain name (limited to 1 domain)
  • availability of a primary and/or secondary DNS server
  • connection to the Luxembourg Commercial Internet Exchange (LU-CIX)
  • establishment of statistics for the use of lines and monitoring performance
  • access to the MBone virtual network for videoconferencing and videotransmission on the Internet, using IP multicasting to supply streams of audio and video data
  • assistance when implementing their own primary name server