RESTENA-CSIRT is the Computer Security Incident Response Team of RESTENA, the high speed network for the education and reseach community of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Mission Statement

The mission and goals are to:

  • support and coordinate security incident response within the constituency;
  • serve as a trusted point of contact and act as clearing house for security incident-related information;
  • improve awareness and knowledge of IT security among the constituents;
  • keep contact with other CSIRT/ CERT teams and cooperate with national and international CERT organisations;


RESTENA-CSIRT's constituency is the user community served by RESTENA Foundation.
This includes:

  • University of Luxembourg
  • Higher education institutions
  • Public and private research centers
  • Cultural institutions
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Individual users of RESTENA services

Individual users as well as small organisations with no or low technical knowledge will be handled through RESTENA Helpdesk and RESTENA NOC, which are clients of the CSIRT on their own.

More detailed information about RESTENA-CSIRT is available in the Description of RESTENA-CSIRT (RFC 2350).