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RESTENA operates a video-conferencing service which for security reasons is hosted exclusively inside it’s own datacenter. The service is meant for professional, and possibly confidential, communication between members of the national educational community. Compared to widely available commercial video-conferencing offerings, it avoids the leakage of the communication content to outside parties possibly located in foreign countries.

The service, which operates in high-definition quality enables users from all connected institutions as well as individual users to communicate with each other in real-time, with audio, video and document-sharing inside the secure RESTENA backbone.

In a first phase, the deployment model foresees one dedicated VC computer inside the premises of the participating institution, to be used on a time-share basis by end users. The computer should be equipped with an echo-cancelling speaker/microphone (so-called "speakerphones") and a high-definition webcam. The connectivity of the institution should be at least 2 MBit/s bidirectionally.

For rapid deployment and early experimentation, dedicated user accounts for all secondary schools have been issued to the Correspondants Informatiques and to the members of the CNPI (Commission Nationale des Programmes en Informatique). If your institution has not yet received an account, please use the official subscription form provided below.

In a later phase, the video-conferencing system will be integrated into RESTENA's User Account Management, so that every RESTENA User can access the system with his normal account. Until then, individual users who demonstrate a need for an account can request one via this online form.

Please contact the RESTENA helpdesk for more details about the subscription procedure and for equipment procurement consulting.