IPv6 enabled Services

The following list gives an overview by category of the services supporting and running on IPv6.

Hosting Services

Web sites

Insitutional webhosting service (including www.restena.lu and www.dns.lu)

Virtual and physical dedicated servers

One of our most well-known customers for IPv6 hosting is the IPv6 Forum (www.ipv6forum.org).

Communication Services

E-mail accounts

Incoming (mail.restena.lu) and outgoing (smtp.restena.lu) e-mail servers
Webmail interface and online account management
Insitutional e-mail account management interface

E-mail Directory

Webinterface to the RESTENA e-mail directory

E-mail Gateways

Centralised institutional e-mail servers (smtpgate1.restena.lu / smtpgate2.restena.lu)

Instant Messaging

User XMPP server (jabber.restena.lu)

Network Services

Authoritative DNS Servers

All authoritative DNS servers (ns1.restena.lu, ns2.restena.lu, ns3.restena.lu)
The .lu zone name servers (6 out of 7 servers are IPV6 enabled)

DNS Resolvers

RESTENA's DNS resolvers ( / 2001:a18:1::25 and / 2001:a18:1::14)

Performance monitoring

Surveillance of the RESTENA services and infrastructure
Institutional network services portal (netservices.restena.lu)
High-speed bidirectional performance test server (ndt.restena.lu)

Time Synchronisation

NTP server time.restena.lu (DCF77 signal receiver)
The second NTP server chronos.restena.lu currently only supports IPv4

Virtual Private Network

User VPN service (VPN server and IPv6 address distribution)

IPv6 connectivity

Access networks and IPv6 asignments details.

All visitors to the RESTENA network can verify whether they are using IPv6 by browsing to the web site ip.restena.lu.