Cross-border optical interconnection infrastructure - iot@

The iot@ project aims at creating cross-border interconnection links between the four neighbour regions: Saarland (Germany), Wallonia (Belgium), Lorraine (France) and Luxembourg. At the present state, each region is served by its own national education and research network: BELNET in Belgium, DFN in Germany, RENATER in France, RESTENA in Luxembourg. Furthermore, the deployment of RENATER in Lorraine is guaranteed by the regional network LOTHAIRE, operated by CIRIL. These national networks are interconnected via the european research network GÉANT. The now created links will build a high bandwidth telecommunication infrastructure (10 Gbit/s) on top of the existing ones to support the services sharing project of the five universities of the "Grande Région" (InterReg UGR project: University of Saarland, University of Liège, University of Luxembourg and University of Lorraine).

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The main objectives to be achieved by the realization of the iot@ project are:

  • Facilitate the participation of scientific partners in specific projects, i.e. integrate the University of Luxembourg, via the RESTENA network into the French grid research infrastructure "GRID´5000" embedded in the RENATER network
  • Complement the offer of GÉANT with regional support infrastructures to large scientific projects and guarantee a quality of service that is compatible to applications with a strong time constraint

The iot@ project will implement direct optical links to redundantly interconnect the existing national infrastructures. Therefore, the following international links will converge at a central node in Esch/Alzette located at the 'Lycée Technique d'Esch-sur-Alzette' where RESTENA operates an important point of presence in the south of Luxembourg.

Between France and Luxembourg :
NancyEsch-sur-Alzettemaintained by RENATER
LongwyEsch-sur-Alzettemaintained by CIRIL (LOTHAIRE)
Between Belgium and Luxembourg :
ArlonEsch-sur-Alzettemaintained by BELNET
Between Germany and Luxembourg :
SarrebruckEsch-sur-Alzettemaintained by DFN
In Luxembourg :
Luxembourg-CityEsch-sur-Alzettemaintained by RESTENA

The mobility service eduroam for the RESTENA community allows a secured wireless access to Internet to the members of institutions in the domain of education and research while on national or international business journey.

GÉANT, the pan-european research network.