Intoducing reduced fees for the .LU domain name registration for the institutions.


RESTENA Foundation's DNS-LU service introduces a preferential price for the .LU domain name management. Institutional users benefit from an advantageous price while continuing enjoying the same quality of service. This optimizes their web presence and the respective resource management. There is no need to start searching for a commercial service provider to obtain these advantageous conditions. The users are directly communicating with RESTENA Foundation for all of their services, among others their domain name management.


Reduced fees are meant for our institutional users that have already subscribed to other services of RESTENA (network access, mail, ...) and that are among the following categories:

  • public or private scholar institutions
  • public or private research centers
  • libraries or museum
  • public administrations
  • international institutions
  • other institutions of public interest in the domains of culture or health

The number of domain names is unlimited.


The reduced fee for the subscription of a domain name is:

12€ ex. VAT per year

General utilisation conditions as well as the general DNS-LU conditions for the subscription and management of the domain names remain unchanged.


It is mandatory to:

  • be part of one of the eligible institutions categories,
  • to benefit already from an access or to subscibe to one of RESTENA's services, i.e.:
    • network connection
    • DNS service
    • network equipment management
    • time synchronisation
    • web servers
    • server hosting
    • network addresses
    • e-mail accounts
    • centralised anti-spam/anti-virus
    • etc.…

Individual users can not benefit from the reduced fee for the management of their personal domain names, even if they are a member of the eligible institutions.


As of July 15th 2007, the reduced fee is valid for all new subscriptions done by the institutions as well as for the renewal of older subscriptions. The reduced fee is not limited in time.


Eligible institutions are automatically taken into the list of reduced fees. No further action needs to be taken.

The institution will receive a tranditional bill that has to be paid as described in the general service conditions. These remain unchanged.


For further information, please contact the RESTENA Foundation.