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Social Media - Think before you post


Social Media platforms are cool and fun - when used the right way, such that they have become an inherent part of the today’s Internet. They are great way to stay connected, to share ideas and interact with other people either for private or professional use. Social media make it easy to instantly share content online.

However, using social media also carries responsibilities and risks that deserve your attention, the risks to your security, reputation and privacy – either in private or professional context.

A well-known quote from Jure Klepic says:

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; what happens on Twitter stays on Google forever”

Therefore before posting reflect on what you post, “Think before you post” is the golden rule to follow.

Take some minutes to think about the information
you post to social media before doing so,
because once it is posted,
it’s very hard to withdraw!

Ask yourself some questions and evaluate the possible consequences about the information you post:

Do I tell too much about myself?

Don’t post (or at least limit) private information in social media or do not disclose corporate information without asking you communication teams.

Who is able to read this post?

Don’t post anything without checking the audience and privacy settings.

Do I feel comfortable publishing this?

Post only information that you are comfortable sharing with others. Have you checked the source of your information? Fake news are real!

Do I reveal any secrets?

Don’t post any confidential information on social media. This not only applies to social content, but also consider printed information that is left in printers, un-shredded confidential information in garbage bins, confidential information unlocked on the office desk, discuss confidential information on phone calls in presence of 3rd parties ...


Would this post hurt or embarrass anyone?

Don’t post anything that embarrass you or others.

Would I tell someone in the face?

Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t say in someone’s face. The amount of cyberbullying* increased significantly over the last few years.

Could it get me or others into trouble?

Don’t post anything that can damage someone’s reputation (including you own) or infringe copyrights and Intellectual Property rights.

Would I be okay with everyone seeing it?

Don’t post photos or videos you wouldn’t want everyone to see, simply do not post them!

To wrap up, social platforms are great while used in a responsible way, they completely changed our ways of communication and interaction in a community. Whether it's in a professional or personal context, taking a few moments to reflect on what your your are about to post or publish, could help to keep you from having problems. RESPONSIBILITY is key!

An old “modified” proverb says: “words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit --- YOU choose!” (Proverbs 18:21-Solomon)

Therefore: think before you post (and consider your content may be reused!)


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