Install VPN certificates for Windows

The Restena Foundation’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) secures the communication flows between the user's workstation and the VPN server on the RESTENA network. It allows any users of the RESTENA network connected outside the network to access intranet services that are inaccessible from the outside, or external services whose access is normally reserved for the RESTENA network. 

To establish a VPN connection, a certificate must be installed on each piece of IT equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone) by following the instructions below:

  1. Download the VPN certificate from our website:
  2. Unzip the ZIP file to a local folder on your device. 
  3. Then go to this local folder and right-click on the file 'certinstall' and choose 'Run as administrator'. 

After installing the VPN certificate, the other VPN configuration steps, as described in the guide 'Configuring your VPN access', must also be performed.

Note: The installation of VPN certificates is only valid for the Windows environment, Apple operating systems use another type of identification.